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Simple NodeJS Chat Bot

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OmniBot is a simple chat bot written in NodeJS and CoffeeScript. It was originally written as a company IRC bot, and then rewritten to be more extendable.


OmniBot is on the npm registry, so installing it is as simple as:

npm install omnibot


Robot = require 'omnibot'

config =
  server: ''
  channels: [ '#general' ]
  # Other IRC connection options such as password or port

bot = new Robot 'BotName', config

bot.start ->
  # Load modules or say hello

There is more details on the API page.


Modules are ways of extending OmniBot. There is a set of default modules, but you can always write your own.


I'd love to include your contributions for OmniBot. Fork OmniBot, run npm install, and add your changes. Please make sure all existing tests pass (make test), and write tests for the new things you've added/changed (Mocha/Should). Once all your tests pass, open up a pull request.

You can also contribute by reporting any bugs you find.